Kotei Season 2007

Kotei Season 2007


The glorious Emperor Toturi III gave his life for the empire in the Battle of the Tomb. His brothers have already renounced their claims on the throne, so it is held by his wife, Empress Kurako. Her claim is weak, and the Emperor left no heir, so the Khan has decided it is time for a new dynasty – his! While the clans debate in courts and start making their own claims, the Khan’s army rides to the Imperial capital to take the throne in the name of the Unicorn!


During the Samurai arc, one Clan will establish a new line to rule over Rokugan. To rule, a clan must have Military might, Economic leverage, Political sway, control of Knowledge, and a grasp of Rokugan’s Spirit. Any Clan may try to take the throne with any one of those means, but to keep it requires mastery of all five. Holding the throne is a great advantage – but nothing is certain until the Samurai Championships in fall of 2008!


In the 2007 Kotei season, the Clans will vie for an opening advantage while the Khan marches on the throne. Each Kotei winner will have to make one of the following four choices:


  • Support the Khan
  • Oppose the Khan
  • Claim Power for your Clan
  • Claim Enemy Territory for your Clan

To stop the Khan from taking the throne, more Kotei winners must oppose him than support him. Every Kotei winner who chooses to help the Khan raises the number required to stop him. The Khan is taking a great risk for this prize: if he fails, then his army will be decimated, leaving him vulnerable to military incursions. If he wins, though, he will sit on the throne, commanding the Imperial legions – giving him the strongest military at the start of Samurai Edition!


If you choose to ignore the Khan and take power for your clan, you will pick a prize from the list below. Each pick will add to the clan’s strength in that choice’s related sphere of power, giving the Clan a better starting position as the Samurai Edition Race for the Throne begins. Winners from every Clan can choose from the list – even Unicorn and the forces of darkness. The fight for the throne begins here!

Kotei Choices


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