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You can arrive to Lisbon by car, train, or airplane.

AIRPLANE: The city of Lisbon is served by “LISBON’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OF PORTELA”. When arriving at the airport, you can catch a taxi to any part of the city. If a cheaper option is preferred, a bus can be taken to “CAMPO GRANDE” – one of the subway’s central stations.

TRAIN: The best option in coming by train – and this will probably be directed towards players arriving from Spain – is to go to “Gare do ORIENTE”, a huge train station located near the river Tagus. The Kotei location will be in the surroundings of the train station called “MOSCAVIDE”, the one following ORIENTE when going in the direction of ALVERCA.

Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses – Train info website



CAR: If you’re planning on coming by car, you should head towards the “PARQUE DAS NAÇÕES” area (most people still call it “EXPO 98”, though). Parque das Nações/Expo 98 is one of the most popular areas of Lisbon; the following link displays a map of the entire zone, including “ESTAÇÃO DO ORIENTE”, “PARQUE DAS NAÇÕES” and “MOSCAVIDE” – The Kotei Location.

(The map reproduction is not allowed, therefore, we will provide you the guidelines for orientation in it.)

GUIDELINES FOR THE MAP: Looking to the map, you can see at the center the “Estação do Oriente”, “Centro Vasco da Gama” (shopping centre), and “Pavilhão Atlântico”. This is what can be called the core of “Expo 98/Parque das Nações”.

Focusing in “Estação do Oriente”, following it to the right you’ll find something called “E.S.T.S.L.”, just a little bit more to the right you’ll find “Rua de Moscavide”.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve reached the KOTEI location! 🙂

(As previously mentioned, the Moscavide Train Station is the one following “Estação do Oriente”, and is located at the top of Rua de Moscavide, the street where the Kotei is located. There is a huge availability of parking slots near the location).


The KOTEI shall be held in a tent that was kindly given by the “Portuguese Youth Institute” (IPJ). The IPJ building has WC, ATM machine, a cantina with room for nearly 100 persons, serving complete meals for 5 euros, internet access, and all the logistics needed.





The TENT – our homage to the Khan himself! – is wide, water-proof, wind-proof, taint-proof, it has electrical installation and is located in an open-space inside the building.


Figure 3 – Location of the Khol Tent (above the stairs)







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